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Thursday, May 10 2018

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  Barbara Windsor

Dame Barbara Windsor has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, her husband has said.

Speaking to the Sun newspaper, Scott Mitchell said his 80-year-old wife had been given the news in April 2014.

He said the EastEnders star had been taking medication to manage her condition but that symptoms had worsened in recent weeks.

In an interview for the paper Mr Mitchell said: "Since her 80th birthday last August, a definite continual confusion has set in, so it's becoming a lot more difficult for us to hide.

"I'm doing this because I want us to be able to go out and, if something isn't quite right, it will be OK because people will now know that she has Alzheimer's and will accept it for what it is."

"I hope speaking out will help other families dealing with loved ones who have this cruel disease. Secondly, I want the public to know because they are naturally very drawn to Barb­ara and she loves talking to them," he added.

Mr Mitchell said his wife was aware that he was making her diagnosis public.

"She often asks me, 'Do the public know that I'm not well?' And she asked me again this morning," he said.

"I said they didn't yet, but we were going to have to let them know because so many people are talking now. But if she forgets that she gave me her blessing, well, I'll just have to deal with that."



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