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Wednesday, March 13  2019

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  New Seriesí From BBC Two

BBC Two, has today announced new seriesí, the first of which is The Claim.

It is a competitive new series where six  British couples will brave sub-zero temperatures, wild bears and predators as they compete to win a home deep within the Alaskan wilderness. The British couples will retrace the steps of a man who was the last person to claim five acres of virgin land under the American Homestead Act, and now after living there for 35 years with his wife is looking for an heir to take over the legacy.

Dara O Briain presents The Family Brain Games which follows eight families as they go head to head in a series of games to compete in the ultimate test of intelligence. In order to be crowned the winner, families will have to work together as one-high performing team as they tackle games that have been designed with the help of a cognitive neuroscientist to test mental ability and are put to the test in areas including communication, technology and strategy, now seen by experts as critical components of 21st Century intelligence.

New current affairs series Who Should get A British Passport? (w/t) is a look at Britainís immigration system to ask the controversial question, who really deserves a place in the UK? The series follows immigration lawyers across the country as they set out to separate fact from fiction in their attempts to get their clients a visa.

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