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 BBC Reverses Munchetty Decision












The BBC has overturned its decision to uphold a complaint made against presenter Naga Munchetty after she spoke about racism on air. 

Munchetty was the subject of a complaint after an on-air debate with co-presenter Dan Walker, shortly after Donald Trump tweeted his "go back home" comments, related to four US congresswomen. 

Walker had asked Munchetty about her view, and she replied the comment was "embedded in racism". 

She was found to be in breach of the BBC guidelines. 

However following an outcry from the public, BBC director-general Tony Hall has written to all members of staff to clarify that there was no finding against Munchetty, and to effectively overturn it. 

The message reads: "Racism is racism and the BBC is not impartial on the topic. There was never a finding against Naga for what she said about the President's tweet. 

"Many of you asked that I personally review the decision of the ECU. I have done so. I have looked carefully at all the arguments that have been made and assessed all of the materials. I have also examined the complaint itself. 

"It was only ever in a limited way that there was found to be a breach of our guidelines. These are often finely balanced and difficult judgements. 

"But, in this instance, I don't think Naga's words were sufficient to merit a partial uphold of the complaint around the comments she made. 

"There was never any sanction against Naga and I hope this step makes that absolutely clear. She is an exceptional journalist and presenter and I am proud that she works for the BBC." 

He added that the editorial and leadership teams have been asked to look at how the BBC manages live exchanges on air around topics of racism in the future. 

Monday 30 September 2019

Spitting Image Set For Return

Spitting ImageSpitting Image 











Spitting Image, the television puppet show famous for its satirical portrayal of famous figures including the Queen and former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, could be returning two decades after it last aired in 1996. 

Series co-creator Roger Law said a pilot for a new series has been filmed, with new puppets created to portray Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, among others. 

Law said that the current political situation “warrants the effort”. “It’s pretty chaotic out there,” he said. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s better than shouting at the television set.” 

The Emmy and BAFTA-wining series aired on ITV from 1984 to 1996, at its peak attracted around 15 million viewers. The pilot for the returning series hasn’t yet been picked up by a broadcaster. 

30 September 2019

Your Room Or Mine?










Channel 4 has commissioned a new 20-part daytime competition series called Your Room or Mine?  

The stripped daily format will see four pairs of homeowners, each with their own unique take on interior design, makeover replicas of each other’s rooms at Manchester Studios, before visiting each other’s houses to see which of the  winning designs were actually chosen and brought to life for real. 

The series is expected later this year or early next. 

30 September 2019

Channel 5 Railway Shows

 Tony RobinsonTony Robinson











Channel 5 has recomissioned two railway series - Around The World By Train With Tony Robinson and Britain’s Lost Railways, presented by Rob Bell.

Around The World By Train With Tony Robinson features Tony as he makes his way around the globe.

In the show’s second series, Tony will start his journey in London, travel down through southern Europe, continuing from South America (Argentina, Chile and Peru), up through North America (Mexico, U.S.A., Canada), travelling across Siberia before heading back through Europe. Along the way, he will disembark to experience places and local customs.

Britain’s Lost Railways follows Rob Bell as he explores old railway lines around the country.

In the second season, Rob will explore the old railway lines around the country, from Great Yarmouth to Bangor and Aberdeen.

Rob said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to have gone out to explore more of Britain’s Lost Railways.

“It’s such a fantastic reminder of the depth of history, industry and landscapes we have here in the UK. And even now, after two series, I know I’ve only scratched the surface.”

30 September 2019 



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