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Sky has recomissioned its original drama, Temple, starring Mark Strong, Daniel Mays and Carice Van Houten, for a second series on Sky One and NOW TV.  

The series launched in September tells the story of Daniel Milton (Mark Strong), a respected surgeon who finds himself drawn into the underground world of doomsday preppers and bank robbers when he tries to save his wife’s life, by setting up an illicit clinic with obsessive yet surprisingly resourceful misfit Lee (Daniel Mays),  in the vast network of tunnels beneath Temple tube station in London. They are soon joined by Anna (Carice Van Houten), a guilt-ridden medical researcher whose past is entangled with Daniel’s and fugitive bank-robber Jamie (Tobi King-Bakare).  Daniel does his best to juggle this dysfunctional family as his moral boundaries as a husband, friend and doctor are challenged. 

Mark Strong said: “Daniel Milton is a richly complex character to play and after leaving the audience hanging on a heart stopping finale, I know series two will take viewers on an even wilder ride. The cast and I can’t wait to get started - I am delighted that we have the chance to take Temple to another level with a second series and to work again with the brilliant team at Sky.” 

Filming for the new series is set for 2020

1 November 2019

Responsible Child

 Responsible ChildResponsible Child









BBC Two has commissioned a feature-length drama about England’s minimum age of criminal responsibility.

Based on real events, Responsible Child is the story of Ray, a 12-year-old boy on trial for murder. 12-year-old Billy Barratt (Blinded By The Light, The White Princess) takes the titular role and is joined by Michelle Fairley (Game Of Thrones, Suits), Tom Burke (Souvenir, Strike) and Stephen Campbell Moore (The History Boys, The Last Post).

Also starring is Owen McDonnell (Killing Eve), Shaun Dingwall (Noughts and Crosses, Topboy), Debbie Honeywood (Sorry We Missed You, Vera), Angela Wynter (Le Miserables) and James Tarpey (Our Robot Overlords).

Told in two time frames, Responsible Child follows both the events that led up to the murder and the unfolding drama of the trial.

Ray (Barratt) and his 23-year-old brother Nathan (Tarpey) are arrested after stabbing their mother’s partner. Whatever the circumstances that have led a child to kill, the law is clear: the age of criminal responsibility is 10, and at 12 years-old, Ray must stand trial in adult court.

Written by Sean Buckley (Skins), Responsible Child takes us inside a young boy’s experience of the legal system, asking powerful questions about responsibility and redemption.

1 November 2019



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