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Louise Minch Quits Social Media

Louise MinchinLouise Minchin










BBC Breakfast presenter Louise Minchin has quit social media after receiving online abuse.

The TV host said that the decision to leave sites such as Facebook and Twitter was “a long time coming”.

Writing in a magazine she said: “You might think I am oversensitive (I probably am), and need to grow a thicker skin (I probably do), but the truth is I can read a hundred nice comments about me but it will be the nasty one I will remember, try as I might to shrug it off.

“Recently the level of acrimony on social media reached unnerving levels, with people constantly shouting at each other, whipping up outrage and throwing around wild assumptions.

“I realised, I had had enough of reading it and being drawn into the cycle of negativity.”

Minchin has been a presenter on BBC Breakfast since 2006 and her current co-host Dan Walker has voiced his support of her decision on Twitter.

The pair discussed the story on BBC Breakfast this morning  and Minchin clarified that she still signs in occasionally but has deleted the apps from her phone.

Minchin added that leaving social media sites meant she has more time to be “reading books, watching box sets and actually using my mobile to speak to family and friends.”

“It’s much better than falling into a rabbit hole of darkness,” she added.

31 December 2019 

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