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As Springwatch returns to BBC Two on Tuesday 26 May for a special series of live programmes Chris Packham, Gillian Burke and Iolo Williams will be joined by guest presenters Steve Backshall, Ellie Harrison, Gordon Buchanan and Megan McCubbin from their home patches across the country.

Wildlife presenter Steve Backshall will join the team from his home on the Thames, ecologist Ellie Harrison from her Cotswold base and wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan will cover nature stories from Scotland. 

In addition, wildlife TV presenter and zoologist Megan McCubbin will join her step-father Chris Packham, with whom she has been self-isolating in the New Forest. Megan will share her fascination with animal science and her observations on how this spring is developing for our wildlife. 

This series will celebrate both the wildlife and the science stories that showcase the diversity of UK habitats and species and will feature a number of pre-recorded films, captured just prior to the Government restrictions on movement. More recent content is being shot in accordance with official guidance on self-distancing. 

Steve Backshall said: "Springwatch is a time for the whole nation to come together and plug into our wild world at its very best. It’s a chance to see the secret lives of our British animals and celebrate the grand and glorious natural canvas that makes our countryside so special. This has been a spring like no other, but how has it affected our wildlife and wild places? This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to find out." 

Springwatch will return to BBC Two for three weeks from Tuesday 26 May at 20:00.

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