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Carol Kirkwood

Carol KirkwoodCarol Kirkwood









Carol Kirkwood has thanked police, ambulance and hospital staff who helped her after she was knocked off her bike by a car.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast on her return to work, the weather presenter said that it was a “pure accident” but the incident had left her with a “nasty injury” on her knee.

She added: “I was out on my bike and got knocked off it by a car that drove into me. 

“It was a pure accident of course but this is a great opportunity to say thank you to the three cyclists that helped me immediately after the incident.”

She also thanked police officers Chris and Faye, ambulance crew Miranda and Stewart and also the “genius” doctor Peter Foskett-Tharby, who treated her at Wexham Park Hospital in Slough.

The Scottish forecaster added: “I still have a nasty injury on my knee but I’m here and it is great to be here and I’m so grateful for that.”

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