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All At Sea

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A new documentary for ITV tells the story of how the biggest global crisis in living memory brought the £120 billion pound lucrative cruise industry to its knees and 100s of ships around the world to a standstill across six extraordinary weeks. Billion Pound Cruises: All at Sea will air this July on ITV.

The documentary will explore the role of cruise ships and in the spread of the virus and ask if the well-being of passengers and crew was always put first. With personal insights from passengers onboard ships living through the unfolding crisis along with renowned experts, the film forensically unpacks the events across six critical weeks that led to dream cruise holidays turning into floating horror stories with thousands of passengers in quarantine and crew members finding themselves stuck out at sea on infected ships. 

The cruising industry has sky-rocketed to a more than £100 billion business in the last few years with 30 million people taking to the seas in 2019. Now, in a short space of time, this travel industry heavyweight has been brought to its knees.  For the first time in history, the whole of the cruising industry has ground to a halt with ships and passengers stranded at sea, rows of liners moored in ports with nowhere to go and routes cancelled.  

The documentary is screened on Thursday 2 July.

17 June 2020                                            Back to the headlines

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