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BBC Commits To Diversity









The BBC is to increase diversity by investing £100m of its TV budget over a three year period to produce "diverse and inclusive content".

Director general Tony Hall described the move, which will apply from April 2021, as "a big leap". 

The BBC has set itself a mandatory target - 20% of off-screen talent must come from under-represented groups. 

That includes those with a disability or from a BAME or disadvantaged socio-economic background. 

There will also be three "tests" for diversity in the BBC's TV output, with programmes needing to meet two of them to qualify - diverse stories and portrayal on-screen, diverse production teams and talent and diverse-led production companies. 

The announcement follows widespread Black Lives Matter protests, after the death of George Floyd while in police custody in the US.

 Lord Hall said: "The senseless killing of George Floyd - and what it tells us about the stain of systemic racism - has had a profound impact on all of us. 

"It's made us question ourselves about what more we can do to help tackle racism - and drive inclusion within our organisation and in society as a whole. 

"This is our response - it's going to drive change in what we make and who makes it. It's a big leap forward - and we'll have more to announce in the coming weeks." 

22 June 2020                                            Back to the headlines

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