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BBC Scotland Job Cuts








About 60 jobs are to go at BBC Scotland as part of efforts to meet savings targets. 

The corporation has announced it needs to reduce spending by £6.2m by the end of next March. 

It blamed the move on "ongoing financial challenges compounded by the effects of Covid-19". 

BBC Scotland director Donalda MacKinnon told staff that although efficiencies had been identified, the headcount had to be reduced by about 60. 

Donalda MacKinnon said BBC Scotland was not immune to the financial challenges facing businesses. 

The BBC said previous years of a stand-still licence fee had meant £800m of savings had to be found across the organisation over the first five years of its current charter. 

Last week, director general Tony Hall announced a voluntary redundancy "trawl" across the whole of the BBC. 

The corporation said it hoped that many of its post closures would come via that route, although compulsory redundancies have not been ruled out.

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