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Jonathan Ross

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Jonathan Ross will host a new ITV series dedicated to stand up comedy.

In a bid to keep comedians performing during the coronavirus pandemic, the new series will “showcase the very best new talents”. 

The series is called Jonathan Ross’ Comedy Club, and is due to air on ITV this year. 

Each 30 minute episode features four new comics, who are “destined to be household names of the future”. 

They will all be performing new sets for Ross, in an effort to entertain both him and the nation. 

In a statement, Jonathan Ross said: “Apart from the excuse to wear make-up, my favourite part of this job has always been giving exciting new talent a platform to show off their skills. 

“The excitement and joy in seeing a new face come out and deliver memorable comedy is a wonderful feeling, and we want to make sure as many people as possible get to experience it.” 

He added, “There’s so much incredible comedy talent around at the moment with all too few opportunities to do what they do best. 

“I’m very much looking forward to giving these acts the exposure they deserve, having a good laugh and finally leaving my front room.”

23 July 2020                                            Back to the headlines

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