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The Life and Times Of Captain Sir Tom

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ITV is to screen a new documentary which features Captain Sir Tom Moore telling for the first time his life story and the key events in his 100 years - from his beginnings in Yorkshire to raising more than £30 million for the NHS.

With unprecedented access to Captain Sir Tom and his family, this explores the man behind the medals and hears the NHS fund-raiser's unique brand of wisdom - created by being an eye-witness to a century  of British history. 

He speaks about his young life, and the impact his grandfather, father, and his uncle had while he was growing up near Keighley. 

With the approaching 75th anniversary of VJ Day on 15 August, the programme tells how Captain Sir Tom headed off to the frontline of the Second World War in India, and then in the Burma campaign. 

Captain Sir Tom also speaks about his business career after the war, the blossoming of his relationship with his wife Pamela, and social developments in Britain during his century on earth. 

The Life and Times of Sir Captain Tom is screened on Thursday 13 August.

29 July 2020                                            Back to the headlines

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