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The Licence Fee








The BBC has said it will give people over the age of 75 more time to pay their licence fee due to the pandemic.

The right to a free TV licence for the elderly ended last August for all except those in receipt of the pension credit benefit. 

More than 2.7 million households with someone over 75 have now bought a licence, with 750,000 more applying for a free one under the new system. 

However, the BBC said around one in seven have not yet made arrangements. 

A spokeswoman denied reports that the corporation was introducing an amnesty on prosecutions for those who do not sign up. 

"There is no amnesty, nor have we announced any new policy," she said. "We are simply giving more people time to safely set up their licences in light of the pandemic."

17 February 2021                                            Back to the headlines

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