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Radio presenter Roman Kemp is to front a BBC Three documentary exploring mental health issues and suicide in young men.

"There is a growing mental health crisis going on right now, and without the right support, the results can be tragic," said Kemp. 

Roman Kemp: Our Silent Emergency (working title) will be broadcast later this year.

It will explore what can be done to encourage people to seek help, and what preventative action can be taken. 

The programme will also look at the lasting impact that mental health issues and suicide can have on the friends and families of those involved. 

Kemp added that he wanted to "bring attention to a subject that is affecting thousands of young men across the country, and show that there are ways to reach those who are suffering and need our help." 

BBC Three controller Fiona Campbell believes it is now the station's "duty" to make such films to provide "solutions" and "help for people who are struggling". 

"This will be a really difficult film for Roman to make and we owe him and everyone else involved a huge thank you for putting trust in us to tell their stories," she said.

19 February 2021                                            Back to the headlines

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