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New Channel 4 Drama








Channel 4 has commissioned new six-part drama The Undeclared War, which will star Mark Rylance, Simon Pegg and Adrian Lester.

The programme will be directed by Peter Kosminsky, who has also co-written its script. 

Alex Jennings and Maisie Richardson-Sellers will also star in the programme. 

The Undeclared War is set post-pandemic in 2024 in the run-up to a general election in the UK. 

It follows a team of analysts at GCHQ who are trying to ward off a cyber attack on the country’s electoral system. 

Rylance will play a Cold War veteran brought back from retirement to work at GCHQ, while Pegg will play the security organisation’s head of operations. 

Lester will play the UK’s first black Conservative prime minister. 

Kosminsky said: “The series is based deep within the least-known arm of the UK’s intelligence infrastructure, GCHQ. 

“The story we’re now able to tell casts an extraordinary, revelatory light on the hot, undeclared war taking place right now in the world’s newest and most invisible domain of conflict – cyber.” 

Caroline Hollick, Channel 4’s head of drama, said: “Peter Kosminsky is a titan of British television drama, and it’s a privilege to have this ground-breaking thriller on Channel 4 – it’s a truly momentous series which will change the way we see the world around us. 

“I’m also delighted to have such stellar names in the cast, as well as the chance to break brand new on-screen talent.” 

28 April 2021                                           Back to the headlines

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