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BBC Axes Local Radio Show 

David AllenDavid Allen








According to a newspaper report today, a BBC local radio station show has been axed for attracting the wrong kind of listener.

David Allen has hosted the BBC Radio Solent programme since 2002 but during an on-air announcement, he revealed the corporation has decided to pull the plug on his show. Mr Allen claimed his listeners - many of which are over 75 - are the "wrong type of listeners". 

He said on the programme : "I've got some sad news about this show. 

"The BBC, in its wisdom, has decided that after 20 years and amazingly good listening figures, that this show will come to an end. 

"Although I never normally talk about how popular this show is, the audience share is the best on the station. 

"It is also nearly three times that of Radio 2, and over four times that of any commercial radio station, in our transmission area. 

"So I have to say I was rather shocked when I was told about the decision. 

"This was not my decision, I will be very sad to leave this show and the BBC after so many years." 

Allen went on to say how he did not receive an "adequate explanation" as to why his show was axed. 

But claimed the BBC "want to go in a different direction" and added: "I can only assume that, although I have lots of listeners, they are the wrong type of listeners, which I think is very sad and short-sighted. 

"But I guess the majority are the older age group, that's the over-75s, who now have to pay their licence fee, so surely it's not too much to ask to have one programme in the week that caters for them and their musical choices." 

Allen's programme is syndicated across Solent, Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxford and Kent. 

Chris Burns, the BBC's head of audio and digital for England, said they are moving towards recent hits on local radio playlists.

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