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Louise Minchen To Leave BBC Breakfast  

Louise MinchenLouise Minchen 



Louise Minchin is to leave BBC Breakfast after almost 20 years.

Minchin first presented the BBC One morning programme in 2001 and became one of its lead presenters in 2012 when production moved to Salford. 

She said she would leave "some time after the summer" and would take "lots of happy memories" away. 

"We've had fun times. We've had some incredible guests. I love hearing people's stories, I love being able to tell their stories." 

Asked what she would do next, she replied: "Anybody who watches will be very well aware my passion is endurance sport, and I will absolutely continue to do that. I've got lots of really exciting adventures planned. I'm trying to write a book about that as well. 

"And I'll continue with my podcast, which is all about the mental and physical benefits of sport and exercise. 

"And I'll be having lots of lie-ins. That's what I'm most excited about right now."

8 June 2021                                           Back to the headlines

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