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Monday 20 November 2023     

Big Zuu 

Big ZuuBig Zuu










Chef and rapper Big Zuu makes a pilgrimage to Mecca to try and understand more about his faith and what it means to be “a good Muslim” for BBC Two. 

Zuu embarks on the pilgrimage of Umrah during Ramadan, the holiest month for Muslims, on a journey he hopes will allow him to connect more deeply with his faith. 

With a mum from Sierra Leone and a Lebanese dad, the rapper and chef has got Islam in his heritage on both sides of his family, but as a young man born and raised in London, sticking to strict interpretations of the rules hasn’t always been easy. 

Having grown up blending the traditions of multiple cultures, he may not have been raised praying five times a day, but devotion to Islam has always been very important to him. 

Big Zuu said: “My faith has always been a huge part of my core identity, so travelling to Mecca to perform Umrah is a humbling and life-changing experience that I will cherish for years to come. 

“I wanted to make this film to show that being a modern Muslim man doesn’t always look the same for everyone and that there is no one way to be a Muslim. My hope is it inspires Muslims and non-Muslims alike to learn more about our beautiful religion and to start conversations about the importance of faith, whatever you believe in.” 

20 November 2023     

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