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Clive Myrie Death Threats

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British broadcaster Clive Myrie says he was left "shaken" after receiving death threats talking about the kind of bullet that would be used to kill him.

The Mastermind host spoke about receiving racial hatred since becoming a more "visible" presenter during an interview on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs.

He said he had received excrement and "cards in the post with gorillas on", as well as emails which read: "You shouldn't be on our TV; you dress like a pimp".

"But one chap issued death threats, and he was tracked down and prosecuted, and his death threats involved talking about the kind of bullet that he'd use in the gun to kill me and this kind of stuff," Myrie said.

"I was shaken for a while after I'd been told. I thought it's just someone showboating. It's just bravado.

"And then they tracked down this character, and it turned out that he had previous convictions for firearms offences. So (I) thought, 'Oh my God, what, if anything, might this person have been planning?'."

Myrie, the son of Jamaican parents, was born in Bolton and studied law at university before gaining a place on the BBC's journalism trainee scheme in 1988.

17 June 2024                                           

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