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EastEnders is working on a new storyline that will see Anna Knight (Molly Rainford) get her drink spiked.

Anna is set to find herself in danger later this summer when she gets spiked whilst on a night out at Peggy’s. With her friends believing that Anna’s behaviour is down to alcohol, the incident initially goes unnoticed, but Anna’s friends soon become concerned for her welfare when they realise that her behaviour does not equate to the little amount of alcohol she has actually consumed… 

In a digital first for EastEnders, an exclusive five part mini-series will be made accessible to viewers via a QR code that will feature within the main episode which will take the audience to a link giving them the option of which platform to watch through. The digital series will offer a unique insight as viewers see the incident from Anna’s own perspective, and from the perspective of her friends. 

EastEnders is working with leading charities Stamp Out Spiking and WithYou as well as experts in the field to ensure the storyline is portrayed as accurately and as sensitively as possible. 

The episode will air on Tuesday 16 July and the five-part mini-series will be available on the official EastEnders TikTok, Instagram and Facebook channels via a QR code that will feature within the episode.

3 July 2024     

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