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Mrs Brown’s Boys 

Brendan O'CarrollBrendan O'Carroll







Mrs Brown’s Boys will return for a one-off live special on Halloween to mark a decade since the TV show began.

Created, written by and starring Brendan O’Carroll as misbehaving matriarch Agnes Brown, who just cannot help interfering in the lives of her family and friends, the special episode will find spooky goings-on in the Brown household where anything can, and probably will, happen. 

Originally a theatre production, the show was first broadcast on BBC One in 2011 and has since become one of the biggest comedies on TV. 

It won the Bafta for best scripted comedy in 2012, the Writers Guild Great Britain award in 2014 and has been named most popular comedy TV programme at the National Television Awards five times. 

It was first broadcast live on BBC One in summer 2016. 

O’Carroll said: “It’s a huge thrill to do another ‘live’ show for the BBC. 

“It’ll be so wonderful so see them nervous all over again. 

“We will be trying our best to stick to the script, but honestly, a script is just a guideline. Ha ha ha!! Bring it on!” 

“A huge thank you to Brendan and the team for keeping us all so brilliantly entertained for a decade. I can’t wait to see what mischief Agnes and family have in store for us this Halloween.”

15 September 2021                                            Back to the headlines

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