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An interview with Noel Edmonds on Good Morning Britain descended into chaos as Susanna Reid had to apologise for him swearing live on-air. 

The broadcaster, 75, has also been criticised by viewers for making a jab at Ed Balls’ weight after Mr Blobby joined them on the ITV show today. 

Edmonds came on the programme to discuss his life in New Zealand, revealing that he owns an old English pub called the Bugger Inn. 

GMB presenter Reid told Edmonds to “steady” himself in response, prompting him to say: “No, that’s perfectly acceptable language.” 

Reid argued that it might be allowed in New Zealand but Edmonds doubled down, claiming it was acceptable in the UK as well. 

She responded: “I’ll have to apologise for that just in case there are families that don’t think so.” 

The breakfast show’s anchor quickly changed topics by asking about his relationship with Mr Blobby, who featured on his former variety show Noel’s House Party. 

After Edmonds said he speaks to the character “most days”, they were reunited on the show. 

As Mr Blobby hugged Edmonds, he said he had a “funny feeling” that the large pink and yellow-polka dotted figure would join them. 

He added: “The only thing that could be said about this, he makes Ed look slim” prompting a shocked response from the former politician before they cut to a commercial. 

Mr Blobby first appeared on the variety show in 1992 and was known for causing mischief and for only saying “blobby” in an electronically-altered voice.

17 June 2024                                         

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