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Monday 22 January 2024    

Ofcom To Gain More Powers Over BBC News 










Ofcom is to gain more powers over BBC online services, including the BBC News website, as part of a series of changes unveiled by the government. 

Under the plans, the media regulator will be able to take enforcement action if articles don't meet relevant broadcast standards. 

The move is intended to give audiences greater confidence that the BBC is being held to account, ministers said. 

Ofcom said it welcomed the government's recommendations, "which will support us as we continue to hold the BBC to account on behalf of audiences". 

The BBC is investing more money into digital journalism, as audiences increasingly switch from television to online news. 

Currently, Ofcom oversees the BBC's TV, radio and on-demand output, but it has no formal enforcement powers for BBC online material. 

It can only issue an opinion on whether the BBC has observed editorial guidelines in its online content. 

But the government is now extending Ofcom's regulation to parts of the BBC's digital services. This includes to areas over which the broadcaster has editorial control, including the BBC News website and the BBC's YouTube channel. 

The move is part of a package of changes which are being recommended by ministers following a review of the BBC, at the halfway point of its current charter.

22 January 2024                                            

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