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The BBC has acquired a new Turkish/English crime thriller The Turkish Detective. The eight-part series is adapted from the award-winning and best-selling Inspector Ikmen novel series by Barbara Nadel. 

Set in modern-day Istanbul, the series stars Haluk Bilginer, Ethan and Yasemin Kay Allen and is produced by Turkish production company Ay Yapim. 

Set in the multi-faceted city of Istanbul, The Turkish Detective follows the adventures of Inspector Çetin Ikmen (Bilginer), his partner Detective Mehmet Süleyman (Kai) and Detective Ayşe Farsakoğlu (Allen) going through ups and downs as they solve crimes, with each crime story being heavily rooted in the varied culture and history of Istanbul and set against the frenzied world of modern-day Turkey. 

Ben Schiffer, writer & executive producer, said: "From the moment I opened Barbara Nadel's novel, I fell in love with the unique, iconic character of Inspector Ikmen. A beacon of hope and humour in a dark, difficult world, I'm so delighted that he and our show, a blend of emotionally-charged mystery and family drama, has found a home at the BBC." 

Sue Deeks, Head of BBC Programme Acquisition, said: “Not only does The Turkish Detective provide a compelling, multi-layered crime thriller, but is set in stunning Istanbul, a vibrant contemporary city that also reflects the cultural influences of a rich and varied historical past – it’s a truly fascinating combination.”

29 May 2024                                          

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